The Downtown Niagara Falls, NY landscape is changing. With new hotels, restaurants and other attractions joining a host of well-established venues in our district, there are greater opportunities to network, collaborate and grow local business. Membership in the Downtown Niagara Falls Business Association (DNFBA) allows for this collective growth by furthering its mission “to stimulate, enhance and nurture and inviting atmosphere for civic, cultural, social and economic activities in Downtown Niagara Falls, NY.”

Over the past year, we have experienced a new energy within the DNFBA, with new member engagement, consistent monthly meetings with featured guest speakers, topics and presentations that affect our entire district. We have also recently changed our bylaws in order to include a fourth non-voting group of membership for the first time in our history, which includes media and tourism outlets and festival organizers who conduct business in our district. These members may or may not have offices located directly in the Downtown district.

By becoming a member of the DNFBA, your business will not only contribute to the Niagara Falls community, but also benefit in the following ways:

  • Meet new proprietors and receive the most up-to-date contact information for each
  • Be included in an e-mail list serve that receives and shares information with all DNFBA members
  • Ability to participate in collaborative advertising opportunities
  • Be part of Small Business Day opportunities
  • Nominate members for annual Small Business Day Awards
  • Invited to area press conferences, grand openings, dinners or events within the DNFBA district
  • Help with beautification grants benefitting the entire district
  • Able to showcase your establishment by hosting a monthly DNFBA meeting
  • Serve on a fund-raising committee that helps promote member organizations
  • Share a collective voice to advocate and address concerns with local politicians and other stakeholders
  • Receive social media mentions on the DNFBA’s Facebook page
  • Place promotional information about your business on
  • Able to contribute to a collective DNFBA Calendar of Events

We thank you for your consideration to join the DNFBA. As a member, your business is part of a dedicated group whose sole mission is to support and address the needs of the business community within the Downtown Niagara Falls, NY, district. Your membership in the DNFBA is an investment in your business and in the strength and future of the City of Niagara Falls, NY.

We are looking forward to another successful year in the City of Niagara Falls. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via our website,